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Pied Piper offers companies of all sizes vast scales of efficiency and tremendous benefits.

Less is Way, Way More

A universal compression engine stacks on any file, data, video or image, no matter what size.

Compress File Sizes Fast

Efficient encoding of your data means your long-range structure just works. Period.

Middle-out Algorithm

Now you see it, now… you have a hard time seeing it because it’s so much smaller.

Even Smaller Files

Smaller sizes beget faster downloads, smoother streaming, and a better user experience.

Faster Downloads

The power of the cloud meets the power of compression to be really powerful..

It’s in The Cloud

Manage everything from a single dashboard. View files compressed, types of files (data, image, video, 3-D video), space saved and more. Every day, Pied Piper is helping companies deploy an integrated, multi-platform functionality of all applications of our algorithm to provide a suite of compression services across diversified market segments.

A powerful interface for managing thousands compression projects simultaneously

A Middle-out Compression Solution to Make Data Storage Problems Smaller

Go Small OR Go Home

Pied Piper takes compression to a new level with a Weissman score of 5

You'll Be in Good Company!

“Our company relies on Pied Piper to shrink our CEO’s ego. While it can take 30 minutes or more to process, in the end we’re all much happier.” - Mark Hurd, co-CEO, Oracle

Built for the entire team, Pied Piper has built in collaboration tools to enable synergy.

Collaboration Workflows